Gelato Machines

Over 30 years of experience in GELATO production allowed to the technicians of of Matrix Engineering s.a. to create an innovative range of professional equipments for the production of the authentic italian GELATO.

Matrix equipments are easy to use, flexible for any purpose, and will deliver the best GELATO with any ingredient and recipe.

The deepest knowledge of the refrigeration technology, mechanical engineering, concepts of simplicity in use and mantainance, praticity in cleaning and sanitizing, and high performance in operations, are the main characteristics of Matrix Engineering GELATO equipments.

3 SYSTEM professional multifunctional freezers

A complete workshop in less than 1 square meter. This machine enclose an high efficiency pasteurizer and a batch freezer. With the patented EASYMIX system for a perfect hygiene.


HERCULES Batch Freezers

HERCULES - The highest technology in GELATO production by Matrix: horizontal, automatic batch freezers that give a GELATO with a perfect structure.


ARGOS pasteurizers

Mixing, pasteurizing and ageing the ingredients in a compact and automatic machine. Argos is made in  3 models from 60 to 120 liters.


G 5 batch freezer They can also produce classic granita and traditional fruit sorbets

G 20 - G 25 batch freezers The three-phase power supply allows heavy duty use



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Design studio "Mediacraft"
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