Lolly machines


Our group has over 50 years of experience in building semi-automatic machines and ice cream on a stick.

Series production included 3 models:

- PINGUINO 100, capacity of 100 ice cream / ice per hour from 70 cc. cad. and complete a mold to 24 forms

- PINGUINO 200, capacity of 200 ice cream / ice per hour from 70 cc. cad. and complete 2 forms dies at 24

- PINGUINO 500, capacity of 500 ice cream / ice per hour from 70 cc. cad. and complete with 6 dies at 24 forms

The advantages of italian ice cream machine series penguin:

Interchangeable stainless steel molds. This means that you can equip the machine with different models of molds, suitable for different types of product assortment in the future and implement the
Large selection of molds. E 'can choose any of the standard models, or order custom templates to choose from over 250 types of mold in the catalog. All molds are made of stainless steel AISI 316L and are of Italian production, complying with CE standards.
Operation nontoxic glycol. The glycol is a thermal fluid that carries the cold produced by the refrigerator. The velocity of eleveta glycol series PINGUINO allows optimum heat transfer and optimization of power consumption. The circuit glycol is completely sealed and never come into contact with the product.
High cooling power. The refrigeration system high power, with semi-hermetic compressor and optimized allowing the expansion of temperatures of -40 ° C with glycol temperatures of -35 ° C, these temperatures are needed to freeze the product quickly and get ice cream so the structure fine and creamy.
Thawing bath built. Thaw and separate the product is simple thanks to the thawing tank electrically heated stainless steel built-in cable to the Penguin.
Excellent value for money.




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